Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Minute Before Friday~ by Jo Kadlecek

I have now completed the Lightfoot Trilogy and I must say I am sad to be at the end of it. This entire series was great to read and I will miss Jonna and reading her story.
In Book 3 Jonna Lightfoot MacLaughlin (don't you love her name) has been relocated to New York City. If you haven't read the other books Jonna is a religion reporter NOW STOP READING THIS REVIEW AND GET THE FIRST BOOK SO I DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING FOR YOU :)
Anyway the book starts out with Jonna covering a protest held by Wiccans who want to be able to bury their dead under the sign of their religion. Through this encounter and some information given to her by a family friend Jonna finds herself in the midst of another gripping story that needs to be told. I really enjoyed this book the story is interesting and captures your attention so that you will definitely have a hard time putting the book down.

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