Saturday, December 20, 2008

After the Leaves Fall~ by Nicole Baart

Julia DeSmit's life has been less that ideal. With her Mother leaving when she was 9 and her father dying when she was 16 she experienced a lot of loss that left her guarded, questioning God, and despising the looks of pity that people sent her when they found out about her life.

After high school Julia is determined to reinvent herself and college seems like the perfect place for her to do it. But when something happens and she is forced to return back home to live with her Grandmother she finds that things do not alway happen according to our plans and the hope she was looking for comes to her in a way she never expected.
I finished this book at about 1:45am this morning so needless to say I really enjoyed the book. I thought it was interesting and poignant and an excellent story. I am eager to find out what happens next in Julia's life so I will be picking up the sequel very soon.

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