Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things Left Unspoken~ by Eva Marie Everson

When the loss of a loved one takes Jo-Lynn Hunter back to her home town of Cottonwood Georgia a dream project falls into her lap. Her Aunt asks her to restore the old family manse as part of the towns restoration project. With things being difficult between Jo-Lynn and her husband this seems like the perfect time for them to have some time apart as well. As the restoration starts Jo-Lynn finds that the house holds many secrets about the family members she thought she knew so well. What have they been hiding all these years and once the truth is out will they be able to deal with the aftermath?

This book was a great and unexpected read. Once I started reading the book I literally could not put it down. The elements of mystery, suspense, romance, and family all come together to tell this unique story and I really enjoyed being transported to Cottonwood for the duration. This book is definitely worth checking out for yourself so give it a try it is well worth it.

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Eva Marie Everson said...

Thank you so much for this review of my work. It means more than I can say. :)

Eva Marie Everson