Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Georgia on Her Mind~ by Rachel Hauk

"Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips. Do not incline my heart to any evil thing, To practice wicked works With men who work iniquity; And do not let me eat of their delicacies"

~Psalms 141:3-4

Macy Moore has it all, a great job, great friends, and the perfect boyfriend. In one day two of those things fall apart and Macy is left wondering what went wrong. As she struggles to pick up the pieces Macy figures out what is really important and that although she may have neglected her relationship with God He never left her side.

I loved this book. I loved the characters and all of the encounters Macy had were funny and entertaining. I also like that Hauk focused on Macy's relationship with God, so often that is only mentioned or glossed over in chick lit books, but it was an integral part of this one which made Macy even more likable and easy to relate to.

Next on my reading agenda~ First Impressions~ by Debra White Smith