Sunday, November 26, 2006

Letter Perfect~ by Cathy Marie Hake

"Be confident of this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."

~Philippians 1:6

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, and if you traveled that you didn't get stuck in too much traffic. My Thanksgiving was nice, but a little hectic. Since my family's store opened this week my Mom and I did not have as much time to prepare for the meal as we would have liked, and of course we had family coming from out of town. So the day before Thanksgiving after working until 8pm we all cleaned the house and then started cooking. Our family got in at about 11:30pm so we stayed up with them finished cooking and went to bed at about 1:15am. Thanksgiving day we got up and cooked until around 2pm when we ate and the spent a couple of hours cleaning up which we actually had been doing all along but still things managed to accumulate. But still it was nice to spend time with family and to reflect on just how very blessed we are. So all in all it was a good, but busy holiday.

Now on to the book. Letter Perfect is the story of a woman named Ruth who never seems to fit in with polite society. After the death of her Mother she travels west to California to met the Father she has never known, fulfilling her mother's dying wish. I won't tell you much more, but the book is funny. All of the messes Ruth gets into, whether being clumsy, or speaking with out thinking are great. The story also has the element of mystery and suspense with a little romance. This book was a fun read and I really enjoyed it as a break from reading all of the texts for my grad. school paper. Speaking of which I had better go and attempt to finish it :)

Next on my reading agenda~A Garden in Paris~by Stephanie Grace Whitson

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