Thursday, February 22, 2007

Arabian Winds~ by Linda Chaikin

"Then I called upon the way of the Lord, O Lord I beseech thee deliver my soul."

~Psalms 116:4

Set during the prelude to WWI this book tells the story of missionary nurse Alison Wescott. During her vacation to Cairo she becomes involved in a dangerous situation in which many lives are at stake. Her adventure causes her to cross paths with a handsome officer that makes her question the feelings she has for the minister she is close to being engaged to. This book was a non-stop adventure. The characters were interesting and since this was only book 1 I was sucked into yet another great series by Chaikin.

Next on my reading agenda~ Several selections that I will just list since I am not sure which I will post first.

In High Places~ by Tom Morrisey

The Novelist~ by Angela Hunt

Earth to Betsy~ by Beth Patillo